Hi, my name is Koko Itabashi.
    Born and raised in Hachinohe city Aomori prefecture in Japan.

    I had been interested in American culture since I was little, because of the influence of watching "Full House", "The Wonder Years", "Beverly Hills, 90210", etc.
    Since I was in junior high school, I knew I would study at a University in the U.S.
    After graduating from high school in Japan, I moved to Orange County, California in the U.S. I studied International Business (concentrate on Japanese business) California State University, Fullerton and graduated.

    Meanwhile, I worked as a server in a Japanese restaurant in Newport Beach as well as an Office manager at a local small company, where I was in charge of HR, Office Admin, Legal matter coordination, and secretary tasks for the company owner. I worked there only about 3 years, but I learned a lot. From these experiences, I gained abilities to figure out solutions for problems and challenges even if I don't have much knowledge of.

    In 2011, as you know, there was a big earthquake along with Tsunami which damaged all over in Japan. This was the time I decided to go back to Japan.

    I came back to Japan in 2012.
    Luckly, I landed in a really good position at Zurich insurance company as a risk analyst. I learned a lot about risk management at local branch level as well as global business management. I was in charge of Japan branch risk management, especially operational risk such as day-to-day operation, BCP, information security, procurement management and so on. After working at Zurich for about 5years, I had to move back to my hometown.

    Now, I am eager to try a new thing, which is to help business owners all over the world to establish their business in Japan, hopefully in Aomori prefecture. I also help Japanese business owners to go abroad.

    If you are interested in business expansion in Japan or helping a particular Japanese business or business owner to go abroad, I am willing to help. Please contact me!



    高校卒業後、米軍基地で短期間働いた後、米国カリフォルニア州へ渡米。オレンジコーストカレッジでBusineess Administration、カリフォルニア州立大学フラトンでInternational Business専攻、卒業。




    TOEIC Score 930(Listening&Reading)、170(Speaking-Level 7(最高レベル8のうち))、160(Writing-Level 7(最高レベル9のうち))