Sutra Copying (Shakyo, 写経) - a Type of Meditation

    Meditation is the spiritual practice of quieting the mind and gaining deep peace and insight through conscious concentration and reflection.

    Meditation is practiced in a variety of cultures and religions and has been reported to have a variety of benefits, including mental stability, stress reduction, and insight enhancement.


    Stress Reduction and Relaxation

    Meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety by quieting the mind.

    Through deep breathing and focused stream of consciousness, one can enter a state of relaxation.

    Enhanced Attention and Concentration

    Meditation is believed to help improve the ability to focus attention and concentration on tasks.

    Certain methods, such as mindfulness meditation, provide a means to increase attention by bringing awareness to the present moment.

    Reflection and Self-Awareness

    Through meditation, we can face ourselves and observe our internal feelings and thought patterns.

    This can lead to greater self-awareness, personal growth and insight.

    Emotional Regulation

    Meditation can also help you control and regulate your emotions.

    It can help us to observe our emotions from an objective perspective without getting caught up in the waves of emotion.

    Impact On Mental and Physical Health

    The practice of meditation may have positive effects on physical and mental health, including improved immune function and heart function, stabilized blood pressure, and reduced pain, according to some studies.


    Mindfulness Meditation

    A way to quiet your mind and focus your awareness on the present moment.

    Sit down, close your eyes, and observe the sensations and thoughts around you while paying attention to your deep breathing.

    When a thought comes to mind, simply observe it and let it pass without judgment.

    Focusing on the present moment through sound, breath, and sensation helps to keep the mind at peace.

    Repetition Meditation (Mantra Meditation)

    This is a method of repeating a specific word, phrase, sound, or phrase called a mantra.

    Sit quietly in the meditation area, close your eyes, and repeat the chosen word.

    Sometimes the words are repeated in time with your breathing.

    The repetition helps to increase concentration and calm the mind.

    Visualization Meditation

    This is a method of using the imagination to create beautiful scenes or symbolic images in the mind.

    You picture a pleasant place, a natural scene, a healing symbol, etc. and immerse yourself in it.

    This process can help you feel relaxed and at ease.

    Breathing Meditation

    This is a method of aligning the mind by focusing on the breath.

    Consciously take deep, slow breaths and pay attention to the in-breath and out-breath.

    Observing the rhythm and sensation of the breath has the effect of calming the mind.

    Walking Meditation

    This method involves walking and becoming aware of the walking motion and sensations in the feet.

    Walk slowly, feeling the movement of your feet and their contact with the ground.

    It has the effect of quieting the mind by combining external stimuli with inner concentration.

    SHAKYO(写経) - Another Type Of Meditation

    Shakyo is an activity practiced as part of Buddhist practice and meditation, in which one copies Buddhist scriptures and doctrines and focuses one's mind on them.

    This act is considered a means of purifying the mind and gaining a deeper understanding of doctrines and Buddhist teachings.

    The practice of sutra copying is found primarily in East Asian Buddhist countries, including Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan.

    The sutras that are the object of sutra copying are written down in the form of Buddhist teachings and the words of the Buddha, and the characters themselves are believed to contain meaning.

    By writing sutras by hand, it is expected that one can carefully reflect on their contents and gain inner growth and insight.

    Sutra writing is not only an individual practice, but is also practiced in groups at Buddhist temples.

    By gathering together as practitioners and concentrating on copying sutras, sutra copying serves to deepen the unity of the community.

    Sutra copying is an activity that involves not only literal scriptural copying, but also mindful meditation and spiritual discipline.

    Such practice is seen as a means of gaining a deeper understanding of Buddhist teachings and applying them to daily life, helping to cultivate spiritual growth and peace of mind.


    If you are not good at meditation because your mind seems to go all over the place, please consider Shakyo.

    Take some quiet moments and just concentrate on writing the Kanji letters.

    I think it is easy to concentrate on writing since the letters are probably new for you and, therefore, difficult to write.

    Please let me know what you think and how it went if you tried it!

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