Japanese ”Kakeibo(家計簿)”- Showing Mine

    Kakeibo is a traditional Japanese method of budgeting and personal finance management.

    The term "kakeibo" translates to "household financial ledger" or "household account book."

    This Kakeibo concept was introduced by a Youtuber, Vincent Chan the other day.

    Japanese Households

    A typical ideal Japanese family includes a salaryman father, a housewife, and two children.

    The salaryman father makes a lot less salary than the amount the housewife wishes to have for the family.

    But the housewives are good at managing family finances.

    They are even able to save money for the future from the small amount of salary....

    Thanks to Kakeibo!

    My Kakaibo

    I know exactly how much money I earn and receive and spend on every month by keeping Kakeibo.

    Since I have tried frugal living for a couple years now, I cut down my expenses to the lowest level possible.

    Also, keep in mind that I live in a rural area where living costs are unbelievably lower than those in major cities.

    Here are my monthly expenses for me and my son (11-year-old).


    Mortgage 45,000 yen ($310.50)

    Utilities 20,000 yen ($138.00) (This is a monthly average. It varies depending on the season.)

    Internet & Cell Phones 10,000 yen ($69.00)

    Health Insurance (inc. optional medical insurance) 15,000 yen ($103.50)


    Food 40,000 yen ($276.00)

    Other Things (e.g. gas, clothing, daily necessities, medical expenses, school expenses, etc.) 50,000 yen ($345.00)

    Total: 180,000 yen ($1242.01)

    Variable expenses vary every month, but I carefully spend money to fit into the budget.

    I also have yearly payments, such as property tax 33,000 yen ($227.70), vehicle inspection fee ($483.00), annual payment for car insurance 35,000 yen($241.50).  

    What Makes Keeping Kakaibo Easy in Japan?

    I don’t know about other countries, but we have many Kakeibo apps that help keep Kakaibo easily in Japan.

    The app can connect to your accounts of banks, credit cards, investment, etc. and show the money flow automatically in the app .

    By the way, in Japan, we can set up direct debit which can be made automatically from your bank account.

    The payments include credit cards, tuition, utilities, and other miscellaneous payments.

    So we don't have to write checks nor make payments online.

    With this direct debit system and the Kakaibo app, it is very easy to manage your household financial budget.

    Plus, we can see where the money goes at a glance.

    Time and Money

    I decided to spend more time with my son a couple years ago.

    Since then, I kept looking for a high hourly wage job.

    However, I failed, especially in this rural area.

    And then, I started searching how I can support us with low income.

    "Small expenses"- That was the answer.

    I study about tax, subsidies for single parents, cell phone plans, social security, health insurance fees, and so on to cut down to the lowest level.

    My expenses are extremely low so that I don' have to work all the time.

    I spend much more time with my son now.

     And I quit complaining that my income is so low.  

    I Know It Is Difficult Time for Many of Us

    It is very difficult to just live everyday for many of us nowadays.

    That is why it is crucial to know what your monthly income and expenses are.

    The basic rules for personal finance management are:


    ・Know your tax and tax system

    ・Know available financial subsidy

    Plus my rules are:

    ・Do not borrow money except mortgage

    ・Credit card should be paid off every month

    ・Save up some money even a very small amount

    If you are able to save up some amount of money, the chances are you don't have to borrow money and feel much more secure.

    Things get much easier afterwards.

    I hope your financial situation will be better by utilizing this Kakeibo system, .

    And... you just learned a Japanese word!


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