Don't Be Afraid, Explore Japan!

    When you travel to Japan for the first time, you may be nervous. 

    The language, cultural differences are some of the contributing factors.

    Moreover, Japanese people appear to be unfriendly and you may hesitate to talk to them.

    But don't worry!

    Japanese people are polite, nice, and happy to be talked to even if they are not able to speak your language.

    Just say "Sumimasen", and they will be happy to listen to you.

    On the other hand, the "salaryman", with a nice suit and cell phone walking at a fast pace may not be the guy who can help you, not because they are not nice but just being busy...

    If you are lost, that is your chance! Ask Japanese people to show you the way, and a lot of time, they will take you to the place if it's near.

    Japan is a safe country. Please explore as much as you can, and you will love this country!